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Kristina Claesson

Kristina Claesson



Kristina Claessons desire to create began as a child when she spent hours in her grandfather's painting studio. There she got to paint, dream and play with colours and shape. In creation, an-ything was possible and since then she has continued to experiment with new techniques and materials. Kristina Claessons curiosity and inspiration is what drives her to find the motives that want to be born on her canvas. She uses different materials such as fabric and putty to create structure and the effects. Kristina Claesson is a trained behavioral scientist and work in the psy-chosocial field. In painting, she finds inner peace and she describes it as a form of recreation. The stillness of painting is the place where Kristina finds power and inspiration and her ambi-tion is share this through her artwork. Kristina Claesson describes herself as an intuitive artist. She paints what appeals to her, from her soul to her hand. From her heart to yours.


Lessebo handpappersbruk, Lessebo: 2021.08.22-2021.09.17

Västerviks konstrunda, Svanhusets konstgalleri: 2021.09.25-2021.09.26

Galleri Plum, Viken: 2021.10.28-2021.11.07

Ljungby konsthall, Ljungby: 2022.01.15-2022.02.26


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