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Kaori Yasumoto

Kaori Yasumoto



Kaori Yasumoto grew up watching her mother produce professional design drawings during her early childhood.
Following her junior high school teacher’s advice, she continued to pursue higher education in art and earned a degree in design from Osaka University of Arts.
Building upon her successful career at a prestigious interior design firm, she has been creating her original artworks while managing her own art school.
Currently, she has been actively producing her pieces of art internationally at various opportuni-ties, such as group exhibitions, art fairs, and individual exhibitions.

Recent Activities with awards and recognition:
2015 Art Shopping (Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris)
2016~2017 Individual Exhibition(Osaka)
2016 Art stream Grand Prix (Osaka)
2017 MINERVA 2017 (London)
2018~2020 AIWD Art Fair (NY)
2018 JAPANISM 2 (NY)
2019 Art San Diego (USA)
Daegu Art Fair (Korea)
Made In Japan (NY)
2021 Abstract January honorable mention (Online Exhibition)
   Colors Art Show Merit award(Online Exhibition)
Colors Art Show Merit award (Online Exhibition)

The figure in the middle of the work is a Kanji character of Japanese language and its meaning is expressed in an English word.
The meaning of the words is the same as the title and it symbolizes her creative spirit.
Wooden frames are composed of separated pieces because the final artwork is made by recre-ating the disassembled pieces of the initial work.
By disassembling her initial artwork, she fuels the spark of her imagination in order to grow into a creator of the next piece.


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