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JinHyuk Son

JinHyuk Son



Born September 11, 1989 in Seoul, South Korea Hakdong Elementary School 1996~2001
Unbuk Middle School 2002~2004
Youngdong High School 2005~200
When I first encountered the picture, I accidentally overlapped about 400 to 1,000 pictures.
Interestingly, images that I didn't expect have been developed.
I was amazed, I felt peace, I could hear myself and words I had not seen. This coincidence started my photo. My work on the status quo is vague and on edge.
Usually, I don't want to face it.
But when those forces are drained, the images find their place and develop into something. It is said that art is an unknown thing. I am attracted to it. Because it is always new.
The unknown is unknown, and when acknowledged as it, the work is revealed by itself and presented by speaking.
That must be why we are immersed in the work. And when you're in front of a painting, it's also the best.
I and my works are headed for them.
I want to say that I and my works are not lacking, but it is not easy. Just like everything in the world, I am also different from yesterday's me and a few seconds ago.
Although my life is painful and painful,
I feel and hope for peace in these processes and this iconography.
I also hope that you will have peace watching this.


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