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Bettina Franz

Bettina Franz



« It is part of my life to develop, change or redesign something, just to be creative»
Bettina Franz is a German abstract artist who keeps her creativity active. She was born in 1969 in Bochum, Germany. Her parents emigrated to Switzerland in 1970 and brought her to this country in 1971.
At the age of 12 she did an apprenticeship in the commercial sector and since 2004 she is constantly engaging with acrylic painting. It originally started with Advent arrangements, but they are now part of her traditional occupation in the run-up to Christmas. In 2004, a colleague took her on a painting weekend. She didn't know then that it would be her passion.
Bettina gets the ideas for her paintings from nature, magazines, photos, advertising and let herself get inspired by other artists and on her travels. Mainly, she paints with acrylic, however, works with oil paints have also been created. Her passion is abstraction. Again and again the artist tries new techniques and educate herself. She has taken diverse workshops and online courses in order to examinate creativity, art theory, artists, colours and their power, techniques, materials, nature, abstraction and beauty. She has participated in five exhibitions.
When she paints, she dives into a world full of colours and shapes. As soon as she sees colours, decorative items, pictures and painting utensils, her heart laughs. Bettina then tries to implement her creative ideas, although she often paints very intuitively. It may also be that she paints over a painting and start all over again.


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