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L.aUra’s biography:
L.aUra, a 2000s kid based in Antwerp, Belgium.
In 2018 she graduated Visual Arts in Hasselt. A year later, she moved to Antwerp where she pursued further art education.
During that year she sadly developed a distaste for art. For a long time afterwards she didn’t make any art, until she became an art model in multiple academies.
Being back in the art world, she rediscovered her passion for it. With fresh perspectives, she started painting more often.
She expresses her inner self through her paintings. With no plan or without too much forethought, she intuitively plays with colours. Seeing the result of her own work forces her to confront her own feelings and thoughts.
This way she keeps evolving.
Her creations are mostly abstract expressionism with acrylic paint and ink on a canvas.


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