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Atsushi Kobayashi
Digital artist

Atsushi Kobayashi

Digital artist


1962 born in Tochigi-prefecture, Japan
1985 graduate from Musashino Art University
1888 graduate from graduate school of Shibaura Institute of Technology
worked at Hiromi Fujii architect and associates
1999- freelance designer (architect)
2009- part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University
2015 acquired a patent in SLIT (construction toy)
2017 CARREMENT 4 (Paris, France)
2018 SLIT (Tokyo, Japan)
2019 artest/architecte (Paris, France)
2020 COVIMETRY (Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland)
2021 OUT OF HOME-WINGS FOR FREEDOM (São Paulo, Brazil)
Generative art (Paris, France)
COVIMETRY (New Heaven, U.S.A.)
2022 Randomness (Paris, France)


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