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"Life comes from the earth and life returns to the earth." - Zhuangzi
And only Arts can keep memories and stories of Love Life Magic!
Thats why Artist-Me are little magician!

My Artist Name: Nano7Swiss.
Born: 1986 in Baltic.
Study: Art and Medizin.
Sins: 2010 live in Switzerland.
Profession: Artist, Photographer, Model. Painter.
Exhibitions: Individual and group exhibitions in Switzerland. In Barcelona, Miami, New York and Venice.

Each element of nature has its own energy and force, which is needed to change the physical and astral space. Aspects of the four elements are also present in our soul, they energetically feed it, constantly affect the formation of our character and can be the reason for greater or lesser success in our lives. By finding the elements within yourself, by understanding the right ways to use them, you have the ability to control your own and nature's forces. The influence of the changing elements of nature is individual and varied.
The Earth is only one, so it should be cherished and loved.
A person is born with an aesthetic sense.
On the other hand, the themes of human competition with nature (as a feature of the Anthropocene), posthumanism, and dystopias are scattered here and there in my work.
Of course, the beauty of nature also frees a person from everyday life, causes surprise and admiration. Nature affects man even more, because he is a wonderful creation of the great Creator himself, and art is only a copy of his creation.
True, art must not forget the more important problems of its time in addition to eternal problems.
Only then does a work of art provide beauty, convince and infect with its thoughts, only then is it a valuable contribution to the cultural treasury of a nation.


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