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Hélio Boechat Seradio

Hélio Boechat Seradio



I was born in Brazil, 1966, in Rio and now I am German as well. I was
always drawing and making music. I’ve been living in Europe and New
York (4 Years) for more than 25 years. In this space of time the intensity of
colors and emotions and the way to see things like a Brazilian never left
If you spend time sourcing for answers about the most important things for
the Humanity on Earth you will have to turn your eyes to the stars.
The questions for me is, what is life anyway?
My newest work are based on this Question. Fron microcosm to the
macrocosm. The similarity between the circumstances that create life on
earth and the Galaxien are undeniable. life is everywhere and it is
movement because is energy. A energy that exists beyond our biological

Important Exhibitions:
Venice international art fair, Venice May 2021, New York, Williamsburg -
Galapagos Art Space 2002, Berlin - Galerie Am Storchenturm, individual
2005, Frankfurt an der oder - Am Fort, Collectives 2006, Frankfurt - 2008,
Brussels - Brazilian Bienal, 2011, Ulm - 2013, 2014.
Collectives in 2018: Rom (March, gallery Borgo)

Economics: UFRRJ, UFF and University Of Colon
Music: Conservatory Villa-Lobos Rio De Janeiro
Arts: Autodidata
Composition, Orchestration: Berlin
Languages: Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Espanhol, English.
Instruments: Piano, Guitar


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