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Kasia Muzyka




Title: Call2love
Year: 2021
Size: 30x24 inches
Technique: Fluid Mixed Media.

This painting was created in times of pandemic and times of big change that bring not only the fears of survival but also, demanding the answer to questions of the future of humanity. The meaning and sense of life, purpose and origin an undeniable call that grows louder within the fall of old structures and global crisis, the Call2love. This painting depicts the calm in chaos but also the cracks of old, within which the light comes in to birth anew. It is that idea of constant change and creation. Looking at it closely, the observer might see the very eye of the universe, the scream of the unknown, also the dove as representation of new reality. New land and quali-ty of life that might be seen in the calm. The only quiet place to sit during the chaos is right in the middle, in the eye of the universe. In this destruction is creation and from that, something new emerges. Both are a representation of a deeper inner psychological reality at play and they both stand and reflect the Call2love. They represent the question that forever is present for us and not to be answered. The question of life and death and never-ending cycle in which we only live by choosing to be in constant motion balancing on the thin edge of abyss. We live not by searching outside, but by following the call that is within, in what it means for us to live.

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