Northern lights
Hanna Luise Schälke

Northern lights



Title: Northern lights
Year: 2021
Size: 100x150
Technique: The artist is using different techniques, mainly a mix of impasto technique and glazing technique. In the middle of the picture she works extensively with green and yellow tones, sam-pling a glimpse of the northern lights which transform into the ocean, softly. All around the spot in the middle she works with the impasto technique.
Description: The picture frames the view of two coastlines, devided by the sea. The swung yellow green and blue parts esembling lights, water and clouds. This gives a dynamic touch and expres-sionistic character to the painting. Taking a closer look you can spot some shadowed trees, golden shining almost African looking rocky coast on the left, right next to a lovely swung bridge. There are two tiny people walking on the bridg Shadows and color are playfully merging and a little wa-terfall appears next to the coast. The picture radiates peace and movement at the same time and a hidden magic that the beholder can only find when he dives into the painting. This is the largest ever painting created by the artist.