Blooming Dream
Dorothy Fagan

Blooming Dream



Blooming Dream, 2020, oil on canvas (diptych), 40” x 80”, (101cm x 203cm) Rising from a ‘feeling pink’ afternoon, I began painting the left canvas live on Facebook. The second canvas, also live on Facebook, took on more energy as the woman of Light appeared. The painting went silent for a month. The Creator began speaking again through patterns of light and shadow cast by early morning sunlight onto the canvases. I followed this thread of inspiration by painting them in with layers of fluid glaze. Over a period of several days, the canvases developed a radiance I’d not seen in my previous works. The round flowers represent moonflowers, which bloom at night signifying the power of dreams into reality. After I painted part 2 live on Facebook, I received a message from a viewer. Tears burst from my face as I read her message. Artist: Dorothy Fagan