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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Painting the world of colors
I draw with such a wish in my mind.
I draw with such thoughts and inspirations.

A beautiful soul connected to the universe. I believe that the soul is at the center of all phenomena that exist in the universe, including people and nature. I want to convey through art that we are protected by this nature in every moment and that there are infinite possibilities.
The reason I started digital art was a drawing I did for fun one day on a smartphone app. It was more fun than I had imagined... I was attracted by the colors and saturation that only digital technology could provide. This is my third year.
I participated in a group exhibition for the first time in 2021.
My works are based on the themes of "flowers," "animals," "the universe," "nature," and "water," but sometimes I also draw portraits that express the true light that lies deep with-in the person, under the title of "True Self, You.


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