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“I love the moment when the atmosphere of a work changes dramatically with just one stroke. It can be good or bad, and I enjoy the change. Just like life.
The beginning of my adventure.”

Born in Nara, Japan in 1981. Lives and works in Osaka.
Attended painting classes as a student and mainly painted watercolors.
Graduated from the Junior College of Shitennoji International Buddhist University with a degree in childcare. After graduation, worked at a nursery school.
At the age of 25, she went on a working holiday to New Zealand and stayed there for a year. The grandeur of nature and interaction with other cultures and people taught me how to enjoy life. After that, I studied the history and culture of Japan, especially Nara, my hometown.
I worked as a sales representative for a company dedicated to the revival of the disappearing traditional crafts.

Nara is the ancient capital of Japan, 1300 years old, and a land of daily prayer for world peace. The 8 million gods in Japan can be felt in our daily lives. It can be in the light, or in the moment we touch the moist soil, or in the fragrance of a flower.
While searching for a technique to express these moments, she learned about alcohol ink art on Instagram in 2020 and decided to learn it.
She has been practicing for an hour when her child is taking a nap.
She plans to start full-fledged activities when her daughter enters kindergarten in April this year.

In 2021
Mai Narui takes an online course in alcohol ink art.

Johanna Koskinen Alcohol Ink Art Online Course


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