Yuriko Kanazawa




Title: Focus
Year: 2022
Technique: Acrylic, modeling paste on wooden panel
Size: 1167x910mm

This piece describes my current state of mind.
Yin and yang, light and shadow, parts that are considered strengths and parts that are considered weaknesses, parts that I like and parts that I dislike....

All of these things combine to form the "me" that I am today.
Who will I be?
The moment we choose and focus on that, it materializes as an answer.

Everything that has walked with time has come together and is moving forward into my future.

There is an ancient document called "Hotsumatsutae" written in hieroglyphs called "Jomon script." Some researchers say it was the basis of the Japanese myth "Kojiki.
From the viewpoint of quantum physics, he is focusing on the waves and vibrations of the hieroglyphs, called "Jomon script," and is researching whether it is possible to capture their energy and add it to the foundation of his work.

On the base of this work, a passage from "Hotsumatatsutae" about the creation of heaven and earth is drawn in Jomon script.

The moment you focus on it, something appears there!