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Vertigo and Confusion
Yahiro Taketori

Vertigo and Confusion



Title: Vertigo and Confusion
Year: 2021
Technique: Gesso, acrylic paint, medium on panel
Size: 727cm×606cm

The concept of my work is "the vitality of contour lines on a flat surface."
There is a physical separation between the space on the other side of the plane and the space of the real world in which we live. However, the contours that live on the other side of the wall have a strong vitality, and each one of them lives in a unique way.
It seems to me that each of these contour clumps is intentionally confronting the phenomena that unfold on the other side of the wall with fear, joy, and amazement.
A strong and pure life force that continues to challenge the phenomena in front of you without adorning. I want to keep the image of living by betting on each moment forever, so I record it.
As a record of life forms that teach humans the brilliance of living.

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