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Masanobu Oda
Born in Osaka on February 10, 1962, he has been fond of painting since he was a kid, and he drew only the gorgeous stars that appear in the monthly road show that his sister buys.
At the recommendation of his mother, he learned painting for five years from the Impressionist painter Kei Isetani in high school.
After entering a design vocational school, he drew a ball pen freely at a graduation exhibition to draw a motel town and was cursed by a teacher, but at that time he learned that the fun of running lines and drawing eros were drawn, and on drawing the picture after this After graduat-ing, he became an illustrator, but after graduating, he quit his job of unstable illustration and engaged in the real estate industry.
When he was 40, he was mentally ill and couldn't work and divorced.
Unable to endure his loneliness, he was forced to be hospitalized repeatedly for suicide at-tempts and was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and developmental disorder.
My daughter-in-law, who broke up at the age of 54, died of cancer at the age of 50 and started painting again to dispel her sadness, and she was informed of free lines and Eros, and posted it on Facebook.
He found it by the abstract painter Kiichiro Ogawa, at the recommendation of Ogawa.
He holds an exhibition at the Catalyst Hotel in Shinsaibashi, Osaka,
Among the up-and-coming artists
He sells 15 B4 sizes for 50,000, even though his name is unknown, and sells the highest amount of exhibitions at the hotel.
The rest is the art gallery in Motomachi, Kobe.
16 copies were sold at Buburindō.
Last year, I received an exhibition request from Mr. Roy of Tuscany, Italy, and put it up for sale.
He passed the selection meeting of Reijinsha and exhibited one by one at the exhibition in Par-is, France and at YICCA.
In 2022, I received an offer from Austria and put it up for sale.
Until now.


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