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Josefina Temin




Title: Camaleón
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 108x91x38 cm
Technical: Banak Carved Wood

Critical text by Senior Art Curator Mara Cipriano

Wood-carved sculptures are an authentic expression of the artist's creativity and skill. Each carve represents an artistic act capturing the artisan's vision and interpretation of the world. Since wood is a natural material, carved sculptures can evoke a deep connection with nature. The texture, color, and grain of the wood add an organic and earthy element to the works, creating a poetic dialogue with the natural world. Carved sculptures often incorporate symbols and allegories that add layers of poetic meaning. Each detail can carry a hidden significance or metaphor that stimulates reflection and personal interpretation. In this context, Josefina Temin and her work "Camaleón" (Chameleon) come into play. The chameleon, with its extraordinary ability to change shape and color in response to the surrounding environment, finds a fascinating parallel in Josefina Temin's wood carving process. Both share the power to transform their nature in response to external influences, creating unique and meaningful works of art. The chameleon, through its chromatic adaptation, represents flexibility and the ability to camouflage, reflecting a dynamic and ever-evolving form of expression. Similarly, Temin's wood-carved sculptures reflect an artistic metamorphosis, where wood transforms from raw material into a sculpted and significant form. In the wood carving process, the artist, like the chameleon, adapts to the intrinsic characteristics of the material. Temin's ability to perceive the latent potential in wood leads her to carve forms that resonate with her natural inspiration. The artist's connection with nature, emphasized by the careful selection of material during morning walks, is evident in the magical moment when nature becomes the muse and blends with the craftsmanship and poetry of art.

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