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Monika Kovatsch




Title: Nature
Year: 2019
Size: 100x70 cm
Technique: Rakel, Acrylic colour, canvas on wooden frame


Nature is about resurrection, life and death. You can see different levels. On the organic subsoil there is water, with ships and a gate. The light above the ship in the middle then extends back to the next higher level up to the surface and to the sky.

“Every living thing can experience God in a different way. With satellite imagery you can make visible how Desert dust and the connected Microorganisms can travel by atmosphere from one continent to another. In that case they do Not Take an Aeroplane or Wings like we know it when they Fly with birds for example. One Bird can live on more than one continent and beside talking to others with Body language or Voice, the Bird can also have under Water activities Like fishing and a Family with a specific digestive system, but Birds are all individuals and they are Not Alone.

What does fish at different ages and sex think about birds or human beings for example, when the Water surface is also the beginning of a new Medium for them, but it is above them. Like birds in the air, they can build formations where they are organised as a group, even on the beginning of a Sand beach for example. Digestion systems where the own body works together with the Microbial Populations, are a Common way of living, but there is also Life in ICE. With Climate Change Dust and also ICE for example, can expand the sphere of influence. The Water Balance Including the rain and the clouds, Plants, all the Living things in the Air, in, on and under the surfaces on earth. Especially what we eat can Change the World of so many individuals at the Same Time, including those in your own body, so if you want to make the World a better place, take a look at what to eat and drink Today and in the Future first. Together we can make a change. Start today!”

Monika Kovatsch, May 2020

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