Natalie Kato




Title: Revelation
Year: 2021
Size: 120 x 90 cm
Technique: Mixed media on canvas

We love ourselves when we are loved by others. Love makes us perceive as beautiful the object of our love, also ourselves. But when the other person as a connecting link between love for ourselves and love for another disappears – we often desperately try to replace this link but not connect the remain-ing links.
In case of a successful replacement, everything falls into place. But if the link cannot be replaced, we experience tremendous pain. We are deprived of the source of love that is vital for us. We also have no one to give our love to. And this dissonance makes us seek solace in rejection of ourselves. We take ourselves for granted. We neglect ourselves. Until the point of no return comes.
Then all pain, tears, bitterness, and losses are placed on the invisible altar as a sacrifice. All bygones were not in vain. All bygones led to acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves.