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Pink Tie
Sean Gray

Pink Tie



Title: Pink Tie
Year: 2020
Size: 16x16 inches
Technique: Oil

I believe that art comes in many forms. It is not only items to hang on a wall, or to decorate a table. It can be any personal expression of one’s personality and emotions. And so, it can take the form of cooking a meal, or a turn of phrase … or the things one chooses wear. Fash-ion is an art that has the power to take an ordinary item and elevate that into a personal style, thereby imbuing greater meaning to the item than the item itself. We all know some-one who has signature fashion pieces: incredible shoes, extraordinary glasses, just the right little pop of color on their jacket. A well-loved accessory can create an emotional response in the wearer, just as a crisp, above-the-ordinary accessory communicates a bit of panache to the rest of the world! Fashion can express the personality of the wearer, without a single word. I am celebrating the playfulness that can be communicated through fashion by creat-ing portraits of the most well-known male accessory: the tie.

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