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Title: org
Year: 2021
Size: 12.8cm x 9cm
Technique: Ink on paper.

In the arts world, it's often male artists that are more prominent. Through their artworks, they associate sex anxiety with words such as violence, war, sadism, abuse, murder, misogyny and phallic worship (ex: Aida Makoto). On the other hand, when it comes to the expression of wom-en’s feelings towards sex from a female artist's perspective, their artworks are often labeled as “sensation” or “erotic” (ex: the late Georgia O’Keeffe). A lack of remarks towards sex from prominent female artists' perspective is not only present in the arts world but also in literature context as well. To counter that, my artworks depict the feelings of my own orgasm. Each time I have an orgasm, a different image will appear in my mind and hence the reason why each of my artwork has different shapes and patterns. Women should use listen to their bodies and express the joys and pains of sex as often as men do. I consider the uterus as the palace of a woman’s intuition. It has its own thoughts and emotions. The philosophy of women is based on their own experiences and a woman's body can derive many experiences through life.

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