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Woman 7
Elizabeth Bordner

Woman 7



Title: Woman # 7
Year: 2005 -2015
Size: 35” wide by 47” height
Technique: Oil on Wood Panel

All three paintings are from the “Growth of Self “series from 2005 -2015
Not exactly sure of the dates of each individual painting they were towards the end of the series 2005-2015 - I worked on this body of work for 10 years and had 60 paintings in this particular series.
The three women are the last paintings left in that body of work and were painted in the last couple years so closer to 2011-2015.
With provocative depth, Bordner creates figures; the human body, a pear, an onion, and un-known form… each taking unique motion. The couple having a conversation seem to trade plac-es when viewed from a distance and appear three-dimensional, giving an illusion of physical so-lidity and tranquility. The figures are hiding, dancing, and never skirting the issue of tactility, pleasing and interesting to the senses. It is in fact, this very tactile emotion that stimulates Eliz-abeth Bordner to create.

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