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Bared Back
Rob King

Bared Back



The series “Brazen Anonymity” sees the artist baring his body while hiding his identity, much as we expose ourselves on the internet behind a façade of inconspicuousness. The idea of such exposure is, at the same time, both exciting and terrifying. Title: Bared Back Series: Brazen Anonymity Year of execution: 2021 Size: 36x24x1.5 (canvas measurement in inches) Technical data: Painted digitally “Bared Back” unashamedly presents the artist’s backside, tight with muscle, but loose with fat and skin, remnants from when the artist weighed over 320 lbs (145kg), before losing 120 lbs (55kg). Limited edition 1 of 1, price reflects digital artwork in jpeg, png, or PDF format delivered by email, as well as a canvas print shipped free worldwide. Artist: Rob King

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