Experience of the Alternatives
Yuiko Amano

Experience of the Alternatives



Title: Experience of the Alternatives
Year: 2019
Technique: Moving Image, Digital Painting

This series of works represents the mirage of integration that may occur in the near future. At present, artificial intelligence development is making daily progress, especially in developed countries. In the future, humans, machines, and computers might be integrated. This series of images consists of paintings created with the use of computer code, with the characteristics of the lines specified and formulated for each image by the computer language. By looking at such images through a human lens (the eye), we could regard ourselves as cyborgs fused with artificial intelligence and eliminate the boundary between future humans and machines (including camera or recorder etc.).
It can also signify new reflections in the context of imperialism (with advanced technological systems such as artificial intelligence). For example, with the progress of machine learning, post-imperialism (as the simultaneous existence of post-humanism) might be able to build up by 'intelligence' of the new era by the decline of humanistic thinking in the humanity that built imperialism. At that point, can humans continue to be creators or play a role as artists? In this project, the artist shows a simulation from the viewpoint of artificial intelligence, assuming that a new pyramid (hierarchical ecosystem seen from the macro viewpoint) is created.