Sylvia Martina Malikova

Sylvia Martina Malikova



Sylvia Martina Malíková, was born in Trenčín, Slovakia, in the element Wood.
She studied at the University of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. After completing her studies at the International Feng Shui Institute, she works and teaches, educates and publishes.
In 2011, she wrote and published the first of the book series "Man in Five Elements".
She has been painting harmonic paintings for 20 years. She loves family, nature, animals, history, cooking.
She has lived and worked in the Czech Republic for the last 24 years. She is currently working in Central Europe.
In her life, she met personalities and disciplines in various areas of business, architecture, automotive, engineering and electrical engineering, culture and more.
Through her work activities, she helps to apply the principles of applying the old practice of organising a healthy living space in the home. In business, work and entrepreneurship as well.
“I paint so that my paintings work harmoniously in the environment and on the peace of mind of the inhabitants of the space where the painting hangs. I believe that I help create a healthy interior environment through my paintings and works. I believe that my paintings have a positive effect on the environment in which they are located, thanks to the harmonious combination of not only individual col-ors, but also shapes.”