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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


I started taking pictures of flowers, insects and birds during the Coronavirus disaser and in 2022 I started to be a digital artist.
I draw with my natural sense and concentration.

2022 “Adrenocromo for Dinner" - Group Exhibition M.A.D.S. Art Gallery
2022 “Brain Cake” - Group Exhibition M.A.D.S. Art Gallery at La Pedrera - Casa Milà - Bar-celona
2023 Solo exhibition at Kannai Marinade underground mall window "Insects Laugh From Ayuart”
2023 “Artoxic” - Group Exhibition M.A.D.S. Art Gallery
2023 “NO ART NO LIFE” contract artist to bring art closer to you
2023 Gallery Kunitachi "Dog and Cat Art Exhibition" - group exhibition
2023 Gallery National “Birds” Exhibition - Group Exhibition
2023 “Genesi” - Group Exhibition M.A.D.S. Art Gallery
2023 “Fuori E-Vento” - M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

2022 Won the SHONAN NFT ART CONTEST AR Poster Prize
2023 Japan Paint Manufacturers Association 34th Photo Exhibition Gold Award

Critical text by Senior Art Curator Lisa Galletti

Art, with its inherent ability to explore and communicate the human experience, stands as a very powerful cathartic medium. Through artistic creation, individuals find a way to express complex and intimate emotions, often beyond conventional words. In this process of artistic creation and enjoyment, one experiences a form of emotional purification, a cathartic experience that frees the soul from accumulated tensions. Art acts as a catalyst for repressed or difficult to cope with emotions, offering an escape route through which to explore, understand and accept the nuances of life. In this way, the cathartic capacity of art is revealed as a force beyond mere aesthetic pleasure. It provides a refuge for the soul, a space in which emotions can flow freely, transforming into a dance of colors, shapes and sounds that brings relief and understanding. Ayuart, through her creative process, transfuses the very essence of her interiority into works imbued with an autobiographical authenticity. These layers of images, the veiled symbols that dissimulate within the worlds she shapes, manifest as scars, as indelible marks of a past and experiences that persist in returning, permeating the artist's mind with an unceasing vitality. In observing Ayuart's work, one witnesses a kind of emotional archaeology, where each stroke and color constitute a fragment of memory. These visual elements represent the path taken by the artist's mind in recomposing and reinterpreting her past. Through the artistic medium, the past is freed from linear temporality, acquiring its own autonomy and detaching itself objectively from the woman Ayuart is in actuality. It is only in the creative act, in the cathartic impetus of the artistic gesture, that the artist is able to confront the traces of her existential journey. Art becomes, therefore, the sacred place where the past materializes, revealing dark shadows that, by virtue of art itself, are coated with a halo of wonder. This process of artistic transformation is an ongoing dialogue between the artist and her past, an odyssey in which memories, through the filter of art, are transfigured into works charged with meaning and beauty.


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