Melancholie der Jugend//Melancholie of Youth
Nicole Schmiedecke

Melancholie der Jugend//Melancholie of Youth



Title: Melancholie der Jugend//Melancholie of Youth
Year: 2021
Size: 100x100 cm
Technique: Oil on Canvas, Pallet knife technique.

As a motif, I used a portrait that was made of me at the age of 17.
What does this photo of me do to me, what feelings, memories does it evoke in me? All the big ques-tions of a young woman who doesn't yet know where she stands in life and who she is. Who, what, why, where to? Who am I? And always the great longing to find these answers.
Today, 34 years later, I can answer these questions and, as a viewer from the outside, artistically illu-minate the state of mind at that time, this melancholy of youth. The Callas, symbol of immortality, plays a recurring role in my memories and has become inseparable for me with this time of my life.
The work of art, which is filled in oil, also receives the depth that I as an artist want to cre-ate in the viewer through the inclusion of language and expressionistic colors.