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さよなら、またいつか/Goodbye, see you again someday.

さよなら、またいつか/Goodbye, see you again someday.



Title 「さよなら、またいつか/ Goodbye, see you again someday. 」 2020 Size 30×30×2 cm Pens, watercolors, colored pencils, paper, wooden panels. About artwork My pen drawing dose not draft, so the work itself has a unique personality. Only one art work. I myself am not confident that I can draw the exact same work again. The reason why the eyes are different on the left and right in a big face is to express the impression and change of mind brought about by discovery and communication. As for the title, communication and discovery in our world are changing at an amazing rate with the advent of the telephone as a means of communication. In the midst of changes that are causing global turmoil, we are struggling to "meet again" at will, hoping that "someday" will come, and acting to make it happen. Recalling that small discoveries fill our hearts and saving our hearts just by talking will be one of the unforgettable lessons in our lives. Say goodbye to these cold and spicy winter days and hope to "see you again" for the warmth of spring someday. Artist: MARINA

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