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Karina Uebelhart

Karina Uebelhart



Karina was born in Belarus in the beautiful city of Minsk in a wonderful and Loving family.
As a child, there was a clear interest in painting and she entered an art school with an architectural bi-as.
There were many circles at school: art history, design, clay crafts… this allowed her to apply the relief technique in abstract art.
Additional classes with Belarussian famous artist Tkachenko allowed her to master the basic painting technique, body anatomy, portrait, landscapes…and also classes in the studioZ of talented Spanish artist in Switzerland Jean Uroz helped her to reveal her inner potential and convey her feeling and emotions to the World through art.
Karina’s life is a World of love, joy, happiness, beauty and harmony of the body with the soul!!!

My works are mainly focused on the spiritual world of humans and universal emotions in the form of color. Art and artistic expression through abstract images are my means of communication with the Universe…
Art is like language reveals intuition, a sense of the present moment, allows to change the perception of the real world, increase tolerance and convey emotions.
It is connection as meditation with the Highest Source allows to realize the depth of true feelings and experiences, helps to find answers and the right path.
Considering the beauty of the human soul, I strive to touch on its light, sensitive notes of the joy of calm and peace, trying to create aesthetically beautiful paintings.


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