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She was born in 1997 in Kyoto, Japan.
She has developmental disabilities and has been self-taught in the use of art as a form of self-expression since she was a child.
Her art brut style is based on the patterns of the Japanese subculture “ANIME,” and she uses characteristic lines and colors to express the feelings she holds in her heart without being able to verbalize them.
The blue-haired rabbit girl, who is often depicted in common, is like an alter ego of her self, experiencing the emotional landscape as a change of identity.
In addition, the artist sometimes uses fictitious ghost characters to express matters that cannot be verbalized. This is also something she has developed on her own.
Her name, “Gesyutaruto,” comes from Gestaltzerfall, a nickname she gave herself when she was 14 years old, thinking of her ego, which could collapse at any moment.
She was not very good at interacting with others, and lacked the ability to express herself and sell her art.
For this reason, after graduating from high school, she created art in the gallery of an art support facility for people with disabilities.
However, the Corona disaster reduced the number of international visitors, and unfortunately the facility was closed, so she is now working alone.
After that, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she started selling low-impact digital art so that she could treat the disease while creating art.
GASHO2.0 is a company that has the technology to turn digital art into 2.5 dimensional aluminum art using a unique process, so I was selected as a first term creator partner and have been sending the art to those who purchased it.
Its three-dimensional expression, the feel and texture of aluminum matched my expression very well and gave me a new way to express myself.
The thoughts and feelings that I could not convey to others are still alive there.
I have also been featured in Bijutsu Techo.
You can see some of my old analog works on the Bijutsu Techo website.


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