In Space
Maeva Deley

In Space



Title: In Space
Year: 2020
Size: 80x80x1,5 cm
Technique: acrylic on cotton canvas

In this painting, we are in the infinitely big and the infinitely small.
We are still connected to the Earth through the branches of the trees. They are like a thread, a link that still connects us with what is palpable. Through them we can move from one place to another, from one space to another, like a bridge between two different worlds.
This painting also represents the plant kingdom and the mineral kingdom. The branches are golden like gold. Our gaze goes from the black of the painting, from the absence of anything, to the most precious metal.
This metal, like plants and human beings, is a product of the earth.
The branches are like veins and arteries, which carry what is most precious to us.
The main branch forms the beginning of a question mark, inviting us to question ourselves by gently observing leaf after leaf.
We can also see this branch as part of a loop, or even an infinite loop. It is the perpetual movement of the stars, the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of life. We are always turning, but at the end of our loop we have a little something extra, a different life experience, extra knowledge, time to create something.
It is also possible to see in this branch the line of the left hand, the life line.
When you look at the "spheres" from a distance, they are homogeneous. But when you approach the painting, you see different colours. We may look the same, but each one is unique. Each plant or human being is unique. No two are alike. This is one of the greatest charms of nature.