Journey to self
Sherry Farsad

Journey to self



TITLE Journey to self DATE Feb 2021 Size: 30x24 Inch Materials: Oil Painting on Canvas, Style: Combination of Abstract and Surreal with strong symbolism Concept: This painting represents the pain experienced in transforming our beliefs and traits that form our existence in human form. The darkest blue is the in fi nite energy, the universe, the energy that manifested itself into form. Form being the moon and the clouds are our thoughts, beliefs, fears, traits and roles that hold us in limited form. This I intended to paint, however, there is a face screaming in pain on the moon with the clouds pulling away from it and I only saw it when I stepped away from the painting. It resonates with me as though I am looking in the mirror. The painting was not fi nished as I had thought a few years ago. I realised recently it was missing something and it wasn ’ t complete yet and I had not even signed it. The missing piece was the love that you experience in the journey of fi nding yourself. The burning fl ame, the real you fi nding itself. It is now completed and signed off in Feb 2021. Artist: Sherry Farsad