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Josie Woods




Title - Self Portrait
Year - 2021
Techniques - Digital Art


This self portrait is my way of taking back my characters, who resemble my abuser, and amplifying my own femininity.

The colors I’ve chosen in this piece are not soft — they’re intentionally saturated, vivid. The purple represents moodiness,
Green is about abundance, the red is the dark shadow self side, sultry ness, and owning my femi-ninity through the darkness I’ve experienced. As a woman, we’re not supposed to express those dark emotions and yet I amplify them. My drawn line work represents the connections between my past and my current self; it’s owning who I am and the journey I’ve been on.

I begin each piece with the eyes first because they represent seeing the world through the perspec-tives of others; in order to understand that everyone is living in their own truth, their own reality. Eyes represent the importance of understanding objective reality.

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