Devine Joy – Purna Ulhas
Debarghya Chaudhuri

Devine Joy – Purna Ulhas



Devine Joy – Purna Ulhas Acrylic n canvas; texured with glue; 3ft x 2 ft GAIA is pure and harmonious energy binding every single living being and non-living thing in the world making everything relevant and whole. A joyous energy that creates, a forceful energy that restores balance, a patient energy that holds world in its place. Every living and non-living being in this world has a purpose. Artist Debarghya Chaudhuri is a 16 years old autistic teenager searching his purpose through his art. Just like any other teenager he is testing boundaries, challenging authority, being rebellious and anxious in these uncertain times. His energy is raw, pure, untamed celebration of his consciousness of this world, free from social conditioning. He is GAIA’s reflection in the most pure and rustic form. This abstract piece of art is created as a celebration of his energy using all the techniques he loves. Using all the primary colors it represents all the elements of nature. Artist: Debarghya Chaudhuri