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Susanne Walser




Title: Resilience
Year: 2021
Size: 50x70 cm 2 parts
Technique: Acrylic with spatula

My description:

“The curtain must not close.” Or “All that glitters are not gold.”
The curtain of silence, resentment and lack of understanding wants to close and is stopped by a woman through her inner resilience. We are currently living in a time that needs our special resilience, because there is a danger of division and we can no longer understand each other. Listen to each other and accept each other as we are. Resilient people are better able to deal with adversity and rebuild their lives after a struggle. We need resilient people to reach out to each other. Be resilient and do not close yourself off, do not let a curtain of misunderstanding fall in front of your fellow human beings.

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