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Coşkun Özçakır

Coşkun Özçakır




Coskun Ozcakir is an internationaly known Turkish/American artist currently living and creating art in his studio in Kusadası, Turkey. During his high school years he opened his first art exhibition at Izmir International Fair Culturepark Art Gallery.
Upon his arrival in USA in 1972 the artist started his education studying Art and Graphic Design. 1976 he graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design.
He was employed by various advertising agencies as Designer & Art Director until 1979 when he started his own advertising agency. He managed his company successfully for over thirty years. In 2009, he decided to retire and left USA for, Turkey and settled in Kusadasi. He has been creating vibrant, emotionaly up lifting, paintings that are brimming with vitality and sizzling with color.
He had two solo art exhibitions in USA. 2007 Los Alamitos and 2008 Newport Beach California. In the year 2014 he exhibited his art at various group art exhibitions in cities such as İstanbul, Ankara, Edirne, Mersin organized under TURED Painters Contemporary Group.
In the year 2018 his solo exhibition named denİZLER (The seas...traces) sponsored by DOGUŞ at D-Marin Didim Yacht Club.
Then in İstanbul ''In My Place'' at NisArt ART Galleries and in Ankara ''Winter is Coming'' at BoHo Art Gallery.
2019 ''ArtAnkara 5th.Contemporary Art Fair'' in Ankara, 2019 ''Primevera'' in Bodrum HGC Art Gallery, 2019 GT Art Gallery Spring and Summer Exhibitions in Alsancak, Izmir, 2019 SAKUDER Academy and Art Gallery International Art Exhibition at Izmir Art & Sculpture MUSEUM, SAKUDER Academy and Art Gallery International Art Exhibition in Marmaris Municipality Culture & Art exhibition,
2020 SAKUDER Academy and Art Gallery 9 th. International Art Exhibition in Istanbul Municipality Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery, 2020 SAKUDER Academy and Art Gallery International Art Exhibition in Ankara Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Art Center, 2020 ArtAnkara 6th. Contemporary Art Fair Fırca Sanat Art Gallery.
He has been featured in articles in several newspapers, and magazines in Turkey, including Sanatım, and interviewed on television, both local and liveTV. Ozcakir is successful in arousing unexpected enthusiasm in his audience by offering extraordinary and surprising spectacles achieved by implementing his graphic design techniques gained through extensive training and broad career acquisitions. His utilization of colors, compositions, themes is a reflection of his personal accumulations during his travels to many countries around the world.
He has many paintings in various collections in this country and abroad.


"Embracing spontaneity, pulling my intuition into focus, trusting my instincts, creating with intrepidity confidence are the key ingredients of my art work.”
Poetry is what happens when your mind stops working, and for a moment, all you do is feel. Intuitive, by nature I love the boundles freedom of letting go of rules and allowing my intuition to take over my painting technique. A delibiration with colors, layouts, compositions, textures, luscious energy of paint blending together on tabula rassa large white canvas. Once the manipulated white canvas gets its’ first mark then high-energy adrenalin kicks in. Like a maestro, I have to direct vibrant color palettes skillfuly to create evocative, eloquent, super sensory layers of light and color. The final crescendo of my painting is visually arresting, brimming with vitallity and sizzling with lucious color. My heartfelt wish is to know my art is giving warm fuzzies to someone’s life. Enjoy.


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