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Lee Bramper

Lee Bramper



Lee Bramper was born in Israel in 1974.
I was born in a kibbutz in the north of the country. I grew up as a nature girl .. a tomboy.
from a young age I was attracted to sports and painting. I started painting on the walls at home as a child and slowly moved to oil paints and finally to acrylics. I did a first degree in physical education and sports. And I worked as a fitness trainer and painted in my spare time.
Little by little the creativity changed and I started to draw more and train less.
my art - is influenced by what I see, hear and receive from the universe. The frequencies I draw and produce vary according to my personal feeling and mood. I like to use bright and strong colors. Because that's how I see life. Colorful and beautiful. I paint in layers. The layers in my eyes are the layers of life. In every chapter of life we are different and change. We are made up of shells. In the drawings you can see the layers. Some are visible and some are hidden ….. like life itself. I am influenced by street graffiti, street art, and everything that is not institutionalized. My message in the paintings is that life is beautiful, interesting, and changing. Life has different layers more or less colorful…… just like the canvas.


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