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Abstract Black
Rea Gru

Abstract Black



Title: Abstract Black Technique: Conté À Paris Round 3B Carbon Sketching Pencil on paper Dimensions: 50x65 cm Year: 2021 ARTWORK INFO: „Abstract Black“ I can spend hours, days, months and years on a work of art. I don ’ t give up until something is done. I spent every day on this piece, 12-16 hours. I don’t want to give away my thoughts. You have to guess what is my art about. Sometimes I close my eyes and then I want to invent new worlds. The pain often brings me back to the past. My drawings are sometimes as complicated as my past. Once I made a mistake by creating something too personal. Since then I don’t want to create anything personal anymore. I thought that people would understand me, but they didn’t. They didn’t understand when I showed it clearly and simply. Since then I only want to create abstract pictures. I like black and white drawings. There are phases in my life in which I don’t want to see any color. Black is definitely the color of my soul. „Abstract Black“ is masterpiece made with utmost dedication by considering minute details and concentrating on each and every feature of the subject. I was more interested in the drama of dark marks against a completely white surface. I was trying to get rich dark tones out of it, with plenty of high contrast. In the end you have to use spray fixative to lock the medium in place. I drew on Canson Mi-Teintes paper because of its rougher texture. Artist: Rea Gru

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