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Brigitta Körmöndi
Digital Artist

Brigitta Körmöndi

Digital Artist


Brigitta Tímea Körmöndi is a hungarian artist, her style is digital collage. She went to Thebes Art Academy and took the applied graphic design qualification. Then she attended WEBARTERGround creative web design course.
Downtown Art Association
MANK Hungarian Patronage Programme
Solo exhibition:
Parisi Courtyard Gallery: Social Vision (date: 01 April 2022).
Organizer of the charity auction (date: 15 July 2022)
Aim: To help children of refugee families living in Transcarpathia and Ukraine.
Items to be auctioned: paintings, graphics, ceramics, photographs, music and literature CDs, books, poetry books by contemporary artists.

Artist Statement:
”My name is Brigitta Körmöndi and I am a collage artist. I think a lot about the world and art while I make pictures. This is just a personal opinion, but I consider fine art to be the main branch of art. It simply has a magic that perhaps no other art form has. With images we are able to create meanings, to transmit a message, to decode a message. Their artistic power lies perhaps in their ability to capture the best moment. Of course, a work of art can exist for the sole purpose of enjoyment, but I tend to side with the other side, who argue that a work of art should try to communicate something, to reflect on the world and to express something.”


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