Multiple personalities
Frédéric Unia

Multiple personalities



Title: Multiple personalities
Year: 2022
Size: 40x50cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

In this work, I applied myself to evoke the diversity of inner emotions that can coexist inside the same person at different times or in different inner layers; Indeed, several emotional states can coexist at the same time, to varying degrees, some of which may not be conscious.
All these feelings seem to mix in an anarchic way and create a chaotic whole. The expression of joy, wonder, surprise or fascination mixes with that of melancholy, fear or suffering.
The complexity and strength of these states of mind that clash, blend and repel each other create a dynamic that seems to want to explode or implode but manages to find a precarious stability.
The painting is both disturbing and captivating, some of these looks seem to call for help, others stare at you, still others seem to want to hide from the view.