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She has enjoyed drawing and arts and crafts since she was a child.
In high school, she was a member of the architecture department and art club.
After that, while working, she attended an evening course in painting, where she mainly drew oil paintings and participated in exhibitions and public competitions. In addition, she is also interested in physical health and has attended macrobiotic cooking classes.

After graduating from school, she worked as a public employee for three years, but de-cided to be honest about what she wanted to do and entered the world of furniture craftsmanship.
After two years as an apprentice, she changed her job and after working as a staff member at a wood workshop, she decided to do what she loves on her own.
She started her own business, Erina's Wood. She has been involved in the production and sale of small wooden goods, planning and management of art events and solo exhibitions.
She has been working at a cafe for about 3 years. She felt uncomfortable with the idea of earning money by doing what she loves, so she became an employee of a manufacturing company. She is now a mother of two children.


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