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International Contemporary Art exhibition

2023 MAY, 18th

Concept by Art Director Carlo Greco

It often happens that many artists, at the beginning of their careers, find themselves in a strange limbo, a dimension within which the evolutionary requirements of their career are closely connected to the complex mechanisms of the art market.

They are the emerging artists, who try to appear, become visible and show themselves. To give shape and visibility to their thoughts through art.

But the concept of "emerging artist" does not refer only to the artists of the new generation but also to that circle of artists who want to get involved again, trying to re-enter an increasingly competitive context. Artists who mix, collide and compare within a very innovative but profoundly complex experiential reality.

But what does "emerging" really mean? Who are the rising artists today and how do you really stand out?

Within a society increasingly based on the outward appearance, on appearances and on the distortion of true reality, diversification is the only key to be able to establish and show itself in a coherent manner, placing faith in our inner self.

Nowadays the concept of "emerging artist" is very fleeting, volatile, and the two generations of artists, past and present, mix, often giving life to a relational experience that does not keep faith with the true essence of people, as characterized by a strong desire to feel and show themselves adequate and in step with the times.

But what makes the individual a true emerging artist lies in the desire to break away from this infinite dance that involves everyone, to seek diversity.

Emerging is whoever meets and collides with reality, who takes risks and struggles to be different. And it is also those who support all this: those who, through a great wealth of languages and techniques, research and promote a new wide-ranging creative tension, intimate, authentic and open to an artistic context in full swing.

Those who look at their past with ease first, supporting a process of inner reflection and identity confirmation, to project themselves towards the future, letting themselves be seduced by modern phenomena, currents, ideas and trends, exploiting their potential but always and only keeping faith in what it’s hidden within one's soul.

We are invaded, flooded with artworks thrown as objects added to the world, and nothing more. A stretched art that necessarily needs another type of space and interaction, which is not only related to the exhibition experience but aimed at creating a personal path focused on the discovery of one's diversity and on the creation of artworks that are free from the fear of the link with the past and with the obsession of the present, to project themselves towards a personal and introspective infinity.

Through the “EMERGING" exhibition, M.A.D.S. asks artists to emerge, to break away from traditional artistic clichés and to seek their own diversity, transforming it into their battle cry. To clear all forms of artistic conformity to search for their own inner language, to reinvent themselves and mix with the context, remaining who they are. To exploit diversity as a resource and to create an authentically dangerous art, based exclusively on one's reason for being and disconnected from the needs and what society and the world of art impose.

No classification, no label, only a profound inner research aimed at revealing one's own diversity.

Because “Only dead fish go with the flow”.

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