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The Weaning
Sergio Campolo

The Weaning



Title: The Weaning
Year: 2021
Size: 70x100 cm (editable)
Technique: Digital Illustration


We are not able to see anything that is really in front of our eyes.We see a man, only this. A full life, only this. Separated from death. But death itself is part of life, part of a journey. Billions of small or large details that our eyes, our consciousness and our awareness cannot perceive. It is there, around the individual human being, from conception to the end of physical life, that something deeper, more profound, develops.
We navigate through the distraction and noise that are the soundtrack of the everyday life of a chaotic society. We are like the children of a caring mother and an attentive father and so we let ourselves go in the warm, protective hands of today's world and protective hands of today's world, swept up in a delirious riot of futility, pain and relief. Birth, weaning, growth, ageing and death become complex journeys,influenced by something we often cannot define and control. We are constantly conditioned by what we fear most and accept least: death. The perception of the afterlife is the manipulation of the unknown, of what lies beyond the physical world, beyond what can be observed with the eye. Beyond what can be seen with the eye and frightens the heart. Only what could be defined as self-elevation, liberation from the limits of earthly awareness, would lead to a vision of the afterlife. Of earthly awareness, would lead to a clear vision of what we really have in front of us and what is around us. Everything is part of everything, everything composes and defines us. Life is death in the making, just as death can mark the beginning of a new life. Awareness will open the doors to the afterlife and set us free.

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