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Noriko Ikebe

Noriko Ikebe



1971 Graduated from Oita Prefectural Junior College of Arts
1996 First time to be selected for the Behavior Exhibition
1997 Selected for the 4th Beppu Contemporary Painting Exhibition
2001 Newcomer's Prize, Kodo Exhibition
2007 Oita City Art Plaza Solo Exhibition
2010 Selected, Beppu Asia Biennale 2010
2011 Honorable Mention, Ei Exhibition
2011 Selected, Aoki Chrysanthemum Grand Prize Exhibition
2011 Atelier Mimosa Solo Exhibition
2015 Teiji Horio and Friends in Oita, Gallery Kiku
2016 Makurazaki International Art Award Exhibition

Artistic Statement:
The above three works were created with oil paints that I kept in storage. The older ones are made with paints from 50 years ago when I was a student and 28 years ago. The sur-face is dry, but the inside has not hardened because they were made all at once. Please touch it gently. The parts not exposed to air will take even longer to harden. Also, it is surprisingly heavy. We would like you to lift the canvas if you can.
Layers of paint in random hands have created an unintended screen. It is as if the paints are walking alone in the present, transcending time.
I would be happy if viewers could expand their imagination.


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