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Katty Sardi




Year Completed: 2023
Size: 45 x 60 CM
Technical: alcohol ink on synthetic paper

In intuitive painting, the creation process is spontaneous and filled with personal meanings; my inner energy guides me, and the paint flows. This technique has allowed me to find a space of personal well-being, where free expression and emotional release inter-twine. Abstract language helps me express the process; I paint my emotions in a very lib-erated manner, reaching a space that delivers harmony, tranquility, confidence, and satis-faction. In my artistic practice, I immerse myself in a universe where emotions become color and movement. Each piece is a living testimony of my inner journey, where spontaneity and connection with my feelings are at the core of my creative process. My works, "Emotional Kaleidoscope," "Chromatic Soul," and "Sunset Dream," take you on a journey through the emotional human palette. Each painting is a fusion of colors and shapes that tell stories beyond words, offering a window into the essence of my feelings, capturing fleeting moments of peace, joy, melancholy, or hope. My goal is for my works not only to be artistic representations but also points of emotional connection for those who con-template them. This is an invitation to explore the depth of the human experience and immerse oneself in a visual and emotional journey where colors are more than pigments—they are emotions captured on canvas.

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