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Juliet Napier




‘Twilight’, 2020, oil on canvas, 64 x 51.5 cm. The title of my painting, ‘Twilight, is inspired by the idea of time. It represents a period of ‘in-between’. Similar to twilight, the period before nightfall when the sun is below the horizon. But also the more mysterious concept of the ‘twilight zone’ when a situation is undefined or enigmatic. So there is an element of surrealist inspiration. The colours and expressive brushstrokes help to convey the warm colours of twilight and soft and scattered light across the atmosphere. I created a ‘horizon’ with a block of dark blue colour across the composition. I also wanted to create a visual tension for the viewer. It is at an angle to represent a kind of imbalance. This asymmetric composition emphasises the tipping in balance from one thing to another. Therefore it can represent this as a concept in life too, for example transition periods or change, or ‘time’ essentially. Artist: Juliet Napier

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