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Alécia , 80x100 cm, oil and charcoal on canvas, 2020. Looking at a woman, what is the one, you will be touched first? What you will remember even forever? In case of Alécia, these are her eyes, the glance. Her eyes have burned as lightning in my thoughts. Although her eye itself is beautiful, I was much more interested in, what are behind the eyes. Thoughts, feelings. If the eye could talk… Alécia has become the theme of several paintings of mine, but every single painting’s theme are actually about the eye. About what you don’t see, but still it is there! This painting was made in my blue era. Lucky encounter, the deepness of blue color and the look of Alécia. I really like it. I love it! And of course the question: is Alécia a real person, or just a painter’s dream? Decide everyone yourself. Artist: Tomás

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