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Daisuke Sasaki
Digital Artist

Daisuke Sasaki

Digital Artist


1982 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2006 Graduated from Takushoku University, Faculty of Commerce, Department of Busi-ness Administration
2021 Engaged as Web Designer
2022 Engaged as UI/UX Designer

Artist statement
I was born in Tokyo in 1982. I usually work as a designer.
I also create graphic art as a way to open up my closed world.
I do not have any great ambitions or hopes, but rather, I position my work as an act of pure enjoyment.
I often create to express my feelings (thought) at the time, or to simply seek beauty within myself.
It may be poor, but I would be happy if as many people as possible feel that my work is somehow good.
I would like to continue to create my "raw" works, facing each day so that I can give shape to my "raw" self.


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