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The dark half
Francesca Loi

The dark half



Title: The dark half
Year: 2020
Size: the artwork can be sold and printed in different media, such as photos, t-shirts, tote bags, neck-laces with cabochon (30x40 mm-18x25 mm), canvas dimensions A4 or higher
Technique: digital collage

The edit was created from two of my photos taken during my travels with the addition of some stick-ers taken from an app called “Picsart”.
In this artwork I was inspired by a novel by Stephen King "The Dark Half". But, what I really wanted to represent is the conflict that we all have in ourselves, our two personalities, our masks that we show according to our needs or fears. I could say that the two halves are part of the psychological and inner baggage of all of us. And the one doesn’t have to be better or worse than the other.

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