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Into The Light 1
Sandeep Soni

Into The Light 1



Title: Into The Light 1
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 120x80 cm
Technical: Acrylic on canvas

Into The Light Series is based on the theme ‘LIGHT’, illustrating what light is in the dark cosmic space. Sandeep Soni sees light as a medium which when present reveals intricate details of the otherwise dark cosmic space. In his view, the cosmic web is spread all around us, where we are a tiny spec, insignificant in front of the ever-spreading web threads. We cannot physically find the start of this web, nor we can reach its end. However, our imagination can reach its boundaries and the world within. Our imagination is what is triggered by the light. Without light, we can’t imagine any aspect of what is in this energy web. Light in itself is not only white as humans see it. It’s of infinite variations which signifies absence of black. Any shade which is not black is light, which has the power to reveal the hidden details of the surroundings. As living entities, we are fortunate to feel the power of light and use it in our imaginations and dreams to generate hi-gher wants and curiosities, which leads to what we are today in the world of exploration. It’s light which defines what we see and how we see. Without light, it’s just an infinite ocean of blackness, which holds myriads of details and mysteries within it, waiting for a ray of light to come by and reveal the beauty within.

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